About Us


    GLORY  AQUACULTURE  CO.,LTD. , has over 25 years' experience in the manufacture of HDPE plastic mesh PP plastic mesh and oyster mesh,supplying a wide range of industries and markets.
Our Products include: HDPE Plastic Mesh,HDPE Oyster Mesh,Oyster Bag,Floating Oyster Mesh Bag,Gutter Guard Mesh,Plastic Square Mesh,Orange Safety Mesh,Tree Guard Mesh,Plant Supporting Mesh.   
Extruded plastic net solutions include:Oyster grow-out mesh Rock shield pipe protection mesh, turf reinforcement mesh, grass protection mesh, ground reinforcement grids, deer fencing net, separator mesh, acorn tree guards, ground stabilization mesh, filtration net, industrial netting and fine screening insect mesh.   
Our professional product “Oyster Mesh Bag”. we have invent a series of oyster bag product, used in the seedling growing and adult oyster growing. We supply both square oyster mesh bag,and Diamond Oyster Mesh bag.Oyster bags are available in square or diamond mesh, sealed or open ends from 3mm through 23mm. can supply you by the piece, bundle, pallet or container  Shock cord, hog rings, SS bag clips and hook as well as the PVC sliders are in stock to close up you bags.
    We register our brand “Glory” in the embassy, we will make our brand to be famous brand in the world, we assure every country will know “Glory” plastic mesh products, and we assure every user is satisfied with our product and trust “Glory”. “Glory” will grow together with you!